If you’re a new-wave feminist and you know it shut the heck up

I wish I had more middle fingers to wave at new-wave feminists. I also wish I were an octopus, so I could slap some common sense into these ignorant, self-centered beings.

When did feminism become something bad? When these spoiled teenagers appeared and started complaining about being oppressed and labeled and whatnot.

Meanwhile, in some countries

  • Women can’t go out, unless accompanied by a man;
  • Women are abused and treated like objects because they are not even considered human beings;
  • Women have no right to education;
  • Women are being sold into marriage while they are still children to men who are in their 30s or 40s;
  • Women are killed if they try to defend themselves.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world

  • Catcalling;
  • Eye-raping;
  • Cis white male privilege oppression;
  • Wage gap;
  • Women running naked in order to demonstrate…well…something.

I don’t think words harsh enough even exist for how I feel towards these simple minded, terrible creatures, who make the world a worse place as much as they can. Instead of focusing on women who have real problems, we are all crying and cheering for stupid teenage girls who post their sorrows on Tumblr. Oh, no, that man called me beautiful! He should be jailed for life! FEMINISM! BARE BREASTS!

Just to make this clear. I do get catcalled. I do get compliments from random people on the street. It does bother me. But hey, that’s the world being uneducated, not the male patriarchist rapist oppressive society trying to hurt me. Please, little girls. Go back to yelling at your parents for not getting you those new shiny phones and leave adults deal with adult problems.

P.S.: “If I was drunk and I said yes, it didn’t mean I meant yes, he raped me!”

If you were drunk, it was your goddamn fault. Deal with the consequences of your actions and stop being a stupid bitch. Nobody forced you to drink. Nobody shoved alcohol down your throat. It’s all your fault and it’s all your responsibility.


About Mary Tudor

Never sure if I'm working hard or hardly working.
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