What Your Shoes Choice Says About You

Believe it or not, I’m back (or at least trying to be). A bit positive, a bit optimistic, a bit of a pain in the arse, but at least I’m back! Long story short: I’m moving. Finally. Looking forward to having free time and alone time and Mary time and a good time!


Moving on to relevant things:

What your shoes choice says about you

  • Flats: I have no sense of style or elegance. (Do I really have to pick the ugliest shoes?)


  • Sneakers: I’m laid back and I care more about my comfort than about others’ opinion.


  • Sport shoes: I want people to think I’m running, but I’m not. (Yes. Yes I do.)


  • Platform pumps: I have no sense of style or elegance and I want people to think I’m cool. Which I’m not. (I don’t care if they are Loubotins or not.)


  • Platform wedge: I’m a high-school fresher and I want others to think I’m cool.


  • 2-5cm heels: I like being taller than I actually am, my feet look good in these and they are actually quite comfy.


  • 5-10cm heels: my boyfriend is (very) tall. (If someone ever finds this pair, please ask for my address and deliver them asap.)


  • 10-15cm heels: I want people to think I’m cool and I walk like a newborn calf.


  • 20cm heels: I’m a porn star. (These boots are extremely cool. And don’t ever google “pornstar shoes”. Ever. Ever.)


  • 20+cm heels: I belong in a circus. (You do, Gaga. You do.)


More opinions about what I find acceptable and what I want to kill myself with (the last pair should do) soon. Off to the airport!


About Mary Tudor

Never sure if I'm working hard or hardly working.
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