10 Things I Learned This Summer

  • Oreos are great and I don’t want to stop eating them. Not even when I reached the 3rd pack and my whole being feels like throwing up. NEVER!!!


  • I’m not always right and others are not always wrong.


  • You can fight an addiction with another addiction. Goodbye Facebook, welcome Twitter and OkCupid! (Looking around on OkCupid. It’s usually like this.)


  • You dated a guy for two weeks now? Get ready for everyone around you to lose their sh*t and start planning your wedding!



  • American Dad is the best show ever.

tumblr_mq06l0PZzC1sxj7nko1_500 tumblr_n9leyzlxtL1tnxxvuo1_500 tumblr_nbccn33IGb1t47xuho1_500

  • Letting go is awesome. I wish I had more friends so I could shoo them away.


  • No matter how big a bitch you are, someone is willing to put up with your sh*t.


  • No matter how great a friend you are, people will still let you down.

what's wrong with me

  • The last minute makes you incredibly creative. Such as now, when I need to get to the airport and I’m trying to find matching gifs instead.



About Mary Tudor

Never sure if I'm working hard or hardly working.
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