What’s with our constant need for likes and approval?

You wake up, struggle to get out of bed, go to the mirror and check yourself out. Messy hair, injected eyes, pale skin. “Horrible”. Nothing you can’t fix without a touch of make-up, is it? You can’t go out without applying a bit of mascara and some lip-gloss, even if it’s just to take out the trash or visit your grandparents. You need to be “beautiful”. What can happen if you go out all natural? You’ll be rejected. Simple as that.


We live in a society where “beauty” means big breasts, flawless face, long, flowing hair, self-induced starvation. The shorter the dress, the higher the heels, the more “beautiful” a girl thinks she is. All we care about is what others think of us. How they see us. We want them to like us, because we cannot like ourselves. No matter what people say, a girl will never be happy with her looks. She will always seek constant attention. Why? Because she’s afraid of being alone. Of not being accepted by people.

It’s really not just make-up. All we do seems to go round this one idea: people need to like me! Are we all really that desperate and lonely? When the heck did we all get so shallow? When I slept over at my ex’s place, I woke up at 5 a.m., brushed my teeth, put on make-up and went to bed again, so that when he would wake up, I would look perfect. Yes, gentleman, I’m afraid it has come to that!


What do we really fear, though? That our eyes won’t look bright enough? That our lips are not that kissable? That one of our freckles is showing? We fear being alone. And this is how we get to making the stupidest decisions, hanging out with the wrong people and pretending we’re someone we’re not. Personally, I’ve had my fair share of criticism and hate. Hell, I’m still getting plenty of it! And it’s all because I have this terrible condition that makes it impossible for me to actually belong to a group. It’s a terrible thing very people suffer of, called honesty. I’m afraid you can’t cure it.


Pretending in order to be accepted it’s like putting out to be loved: not gonna happen!

P.S.: When I came up with the title, I was thinking about Facebook likes, even though I didn’t mention them in this article. Sorry, my bad.


About Mary Tudor

Never sure if I'm working hard or hardly working.
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