Working – now demeaning!

My faith in humanity is fading once again. During an English class, our teacher gave us some information on the “Work and Travel” program, as some of the students had asked about it. The results were pretty much unexpected, at least as I was concerned. Today, I found out a new, very important thing:

Work is demeaning.


A few months ago, I was asked by a friend who lives in Austria if the situation in Romania concerning jobs is that bad. I had to admit this is not entirely the government’s fault, as people do not want to work, and are happy to live off their children’s allowance or welfare. A lot of people here seem to find work somehow demeaning. As the teacher was listing the jobs you can get [waiter, cleaning tables, cleaning rooms, chef assistant and things like these], as well as calculating the payment, which to sum of them would add up to more than $1,400 a month, everybody was laughing, giggling and asking if he’s serious. At one point, one of them actually asked: “Don’t you have something which is not demeaning?”


All in all, I think this led to a very important conclusion: young adults nowadays have no idea what money is and how to make it. They live off their parents’s wallets and find job opportunities not good enough for them. After all, traveling to the USA and cleaning dishes 6 hours/day for $1,400 a month is, indeed, something inconceivable.

Personally, I worked as some kind of a delivery girl for a summer, and it was one of my best experiences so far. My sole job was to stay at the bar near the pool, call the pizza place and place orders and then go get the pizzas to the pool [a distance of about 200m]. Of course, after the end of the program, I would stay with the rest of the team and do some cleaning: taking out the garbage, cleaning the pool margins, sweeping. My boyfriend at that time was very surprised when I told him about this 21 century slavery I had to do: “Oh, I could never do something like this… Your friends and relatives can see you!” Yeah, they can see me working-oh, no! Now everybody will now I am able to get a part-time job and stop nagging my parents for money!


Dear international readers: now you know what is wrong with Romania, the young generation in particular.


About Mary Tudor

Never sure if I'm working hard or hardly working.
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