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What’s with our constant need for likes and approval?

You wake up, struggle to get out of bed, go to the mirror and check yourself out. Messy hair, injected eyes, pale skin. “Horrible”. Nothing you can’t fix without a touch of make-up, is it? You can’t go out without … Continue reading

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Working – now demeaning!

My faith in humanity is fading once again. During an English class, our teacher gave us some information on the “Work and Travel” program, as some of the students had asked about it. The results were pretty much unexpected, at … Continue reading

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Why I gave up Facebook

Everybody seems to agree that Facebook = life. Social life, online life, even sex life [we’ve all seen that pictures you’ve been posting!] Can you actually tell when the fun stops and addiction kicks in? Why? I had been using … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, on a platform far away…

I’m not good at starting things, so this post will rather suck. I find it very hard to be writing once again, after what seemed to be a long break from my literary work and an end to my blogging … Continue reading

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